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Cremation has piqued the interest of many people. Some people are perplexed as to why the topic elicited such disparate reactions among funeral directors. Funeral professionals begin to realize that the issue was more complicated than they had previously thought as they spend more time understanding the dynamics of cremation. As a result, it is critical to hear directly from consumers about their personal cremation experiences so that we can better understand their motivations and perspectives on this topic. The cremation services in Madeira, OH may be beneficial when assisting a family with pre-arrangement.


Word Selection Is Important

There are several examples of terminology gaps between consumers and funeral professionals. One example is the word ashes. This is the term used by most consumers. Funeral directors typically use the term remains rather than ashes. Another example is the ambiguity surrounding burial and cremation, and the tendency to discuss them as if they are mutually exclusive options when they are not. Even if these terms are used as industry jargon, consumers are unaware of this and may take the terms and their meanings literally.


Talk to families in the same way they talk to you, using words and terminology that make sense to them while avoiding industry jargon.


Cremation Is Not Always About the Cost

While cremation is less expensive than other options for some families, it is not always the deciding factor. Families choose cremation for a variety of reasons, including practical considerations and personal preferences.


Ask open-ended questions and allow them to share their preferences instead of making assumptions about the services and merchandise a family wants based solely on their choice of cremation.


Cremation Provides a Continuous Connection

Several bereaved individuals express comfort in keeping at least some of their loved one's ashes with them to maintain their future bond.


Use this opportunity to suggest ways to maintain a connection to the deceased through carefully selected personal keepsakes. Memorial keepsakes are a way to remember a loved one at home or work. A keepsake is an excellent small memento. Keepsakes are special memorial gifts that help loved ones get through difficult times. Teddy bears, keepsake boxes, angel keepsakes, angel picture frames, and even candle holders and flower vases can work wonders by providing family members with a special reminder of their special loved one.


It is critical for funeral directors to present every option to every family every time so that they understand what is available to them. It would be preferable if they focus on consistently providing excellent service to all families, regardless of the elements they choose as part of their arrangements. Funerals can never go wrong by putting the customer first when deciding how to meet their needs. Hearing consumers express their experiences and feelings in their own words, whether in a focus group or casual conversation, is extremely powerful. Consider cremation services in Madeira, OH; our staff is more than willing to listen to you and assist you with all of your funeral arrangements needs.

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