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There is a lot of excitement about environmentally friendly death options and simpler after-death care practices out there, but there is also a lot of confusion. Pick any online article or webpage that attempts to explain the phenomenon of home funerals, green burials, or any combination of the two, and you'll quickly become buried in new concepts using familiar words in unconventional ways, old words with a new twist, or simply mismatched concepts and titles. To help you understand the similarities and differences, funeral homes in Norwood, OH offer a quick cheat sheet so you can speak like a pro.

Home Funeral

This is the process of family and friends, next of kin, or a designated agent keeping custody and control of the body between death and disposition such as burial or cremation. It is also known as a home vigil or do-it-yourself funeral. Bathing and dressing the body and using dry ice or another cooling technique as a preservative for one to three days are common practices at home funerals. Many people associate the experience with avoiding institutional settings and providing personalized care. Typically, family and friends attend a home funeral.

Home Vigil

A home vigil is analogous to a home funeral. The home vigil may refer to the practice of family and friends continuously sitting with the body while lying in honor in the home, or it may simply refer to the period from death to disposition.

Home Funeral Guides

They are individuals who have been trained to educate and empower families to exercise their innate right to care for their dead. A home funeral guide can provide education and support either before or after the funeral.

Home Interment

It is full-body interment on residential land, usually in a rural setting. Local zoning and health department regulations and state-approved setbacks for known water sources, buildings, and highways apply. These are frequently referred to as family cemeteries and must be established and reported to government agencies as such.

Natural or Green Burial

It is a burial system that allows full body interment in the ground without interfering with decomposition. The absence of a cement or metal grave liner or vault, non-toxic preparation of the body, and use of containers made of organic or bio-degradable materials are essential aspects of green burial. Green burial supporters hope that by involving families more directly, they can provide a rich, meaningful, and healing graveside experience while also furthering legitimate environmental and societal goals such as protecting worker health, reducing carbon emissions, conserving natural resources, and preserving native habitats.

Green Funeral

It is a general term used to describe post-death care, from death to disposition, using only natural means, which may include both the funeral and the disposition; this term is sometimes confused with the home funeral, green burial, or home burial.

Blended Funerals

Funerals that combine traditional funeral practices with home funeral or green burial practices may involve the use of a funeral director for certain aspects of care, such as obtaining, filling out, and filing paperwork or transporting the body. Blended funerals provide families with additional options, particularly when certain options are not available in their area.


The funeral homes in Norwood, OH are well-versed in this area. They provide accurate information for a more informed public. Who is better to spread the message than a funeral professional who is on the front line when families seek understanding, compassion, and facts? Call or visit our office for more relevant data or schedule an appointment.

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