Green Ways to Remember Your Departed Dog

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Every pet owner realizes that their furry friend doesn't have much time left. They walk slower, develop age-related conditions, and don't seem to enjoy life as much as they did when they were puppies. It's difficult enough to cope with the loss of a pet. However, having to plan a funeral on top of that can feel overwhelming. To help ease your burden, funeral homes in Loveland, OH has compiled a list of green ways you can say your final goodbye to your dog while also being environmentally conscious.

Make Use of a Biodegradable Pet Urn

If you're burying your pet's body, simply place them in their grave. They will naturally return to the earth over time, leaving nothing behind. However, if you are cremating your dog, you should keep its ashes inside the urn.

Instead of burying the metal urn you received their ashes, place them in a biodegradable urn so they can return to the soil. While most metal urns never decompose, a biodegradable urn will degrade over time, allowing for an environmentally friendly burial.

Select an Environmentally Friendly Pet Cemetery

Not everyone has enough space in their yard to bury their pet. If you can't find a suitable location, look into green pet cemeteries in your area. These environmentally conscious organizations only use biodegradable burial boxes and employ environmentally conscious pest management techniques.

If you can't find any green pet cemeteries in your area, you might want to consider green whole-family cemeteries. Many allow pets to be buried in the family cemetery plot while adhering to eco-friendly guidelines.

Make a Homemade Nose Print Grave Marker

Rather than purchasing a gravestone for your dog, consider making a nose print grave marker at home. You can make one from mostly natural, sustainable materials and can be sure its final resting spot will never be forgotten.

Make Them Into a Long-Lasting Diamond

You can turn your dog's ashes into a diamond if you decide to have them cremated. Carbon extracted from your pet's remains can be used to grow a genuine diamond that will last forever, according to specialized companies.

Continue Talking About Them

Talking about what you've lost regularly is one of the most effective ways to process grief. Talk to someone about your dog whenever you feel the need to. It makes no difference whether it's your child who grew up with them or a stranger you're making small talk with.

For many of us, losing a pet is as painful as losing a family member. Why shouldn't it be? Our dogs are essential members of our family, and we treat them with the same love and care that we would give to anyone else, and while you may be overcome with grief, keep in mind that your beloved pet isn't the only thing you need to think about. Your dog used to enjoy our world, running through tall grass, snoozing under a tree, and simply enjoying being outside. It's only fitting that you lay them to rest in a way that preserves the environment they loved. For more information, visit the funeral homes in Loveland, OH. You can also contact our team right now.

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