How to Let a Child Know About a Death

Having to let a child know that someone they love has died is something that will never be easy. It can be important to know how to have this conversation so that your child is not confused and can understand that grieving is normal. If you are not certain about how to have this conversation, there are some tips that directors of funeral homes in Reading, OH want you to remember about this.


The first thing that you want to ensure is that you di not use euphemisms when speaking with your child about death. It is not helpful to use phrases like “passed away”, since this can end up confusing your child and that is not what you want. You want to be sure that they understand that the person has died and you want to do this with language that is clear and to the point.


Allow your child to ask questions. They are bound to have some and you want to encourage them to get the answers they need. When answering them, you also want to use clear language and you want to be as honest as possible. If you do not know the answer to a question, let your child know this and assure them that you will do your best to find out what the answer is.


You want to let your child know that being sad and grieving is completely normal. Many times, children are afraid of letting their parents know what they are going through because they think it will upset the adults, so you want to let your child know that you are feeling sad, as well. This can encourage them to reach out and share what they are feeling.


If you think your child is old enough, give them the choice of attending the services that you are planning for your loved one. Attending a service can be as helpful for a child as it is for an adult and that is what you want to remember. Do not force your child to go if they do not want to, however, since that can cause more harm than good.

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When getting ready to speak with your child about the death of a loved one, these are all crucial things you want to remember so that there are no issues. Reach out and let them know that you are there for them and that they can always come to you with questions or to express what they are feeling. If you want to know more about all of this, you can reach out to a Reading, OH funeral home directors like us at Strawser Funeral Home & Cremation Service. Our team has years of experience and we are here to help you with the options that you want for your loved one who has died. Give us a call right now or stop by one of our locations to learn more about what we can offer.

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