How to Select a Cemetery

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Choosing where your physical body will rest after death is a serious matter. Although it is not something that many of us consider ahead of time, it is worth considering because a lack of space in certain areas can limit your access to the location you desire. The funeral homes in Reading, OH are noticing that more people are planning ahead of time to take control of their future and place of eternal rest. Many people want to ensure that their body is interred in an idyllic location that means something to them and where loved ones will feel at ease when visiting.


The following is an overview of things to consider when selecting your cemetery to give you some food for thought as you plan your future.



One of the most important considerations when selecting a cemetery is its location. Individual priorities will influence everyone's attitude toward their cemetery location.


For example, some people prefer to be as close to their home as possible, others prefer to be in the same place as deceased family members or ancestors, and others prefer to be in a picturesque setting.


Cemetery Regulations

Many cemeteries will have specific or stringent rules that you should be aware of before reserving a space. These are usually related to headstones and grave markers. Some cemeteries have size restrictions, and others only allow a specific style or type of headstone.


Cemeteries may also have rules about decorating burial plots or leaving personal mementos. If this is something that will influence your decision, you should research to ensure that your remains are placed in a location that matches your aesthetic preferences.


Options for Interment

You will also need to decide what type of interment you want, as some cemeteries only have burial plots but no ash interment facilities.


Traditional burial plots and a dedicated garden for the burial of cremated ashes ranging from urn burial to interment in unique columbarium walls are all available for purchase in advance of need.



Cost is frequently the most important consideration when selecting a cemetery, as prices vary greatly between providers and locations. Your interment is an investment, and in many ways, it can be as significant to you as many other significant life events and purchases.


It is strongly advised that you discuss costs with the cemetery providers in person because they will be able to provide you with full transparency on all associated costs, giving you a more complete picture of your budget.


Family Plots Reservation

If you find a cemetery you like, you'll need to decide whether you want to reserve multiple plots for your family.


A family plot can be useful in the future for friends and family members who want to visit multiple loved ones at the same time without having to travel long distances. We know individual grief is unique and there is no “right” way to cope.


Religion and Other Considerations

There are numerous types of cemeteries, and your choice may be heavily influenced by religious, spiritual, or personal beliefs.


Never choose a cemetery or burial plot without first visiting the location. Of course, it should meet your criteria in terms of distance from home, but how it makes you feel is equally important. Visit the cemetery with your family members if possible, so they can get a full sense of the place as well. If you have any questions about selecting a cemetery or reserving a burial plot, please contact the funeral homes in Reading, OH and we will be happy to assist you. You are also welcome to visit our office.

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