Interment Options After Cremation Service

Have you thought about interment options following your loved one’s cremation service in Deer Park, OH? One reason why many people plan cremations is that they know they’ll have many options as per what to do with the cremated remains of their loved ones. If you need some ideas as per what things you can do, read on to learn more.



Cemeteries permit the burial of cremated remains within the same grave plot that a casket would occupy. Some of them will even let you bury an urn on the plot of a loved one who was previously buried there. You will want to ask questions to be sure about what is allowable and possible. The funeral director will be able to get you the answers you need. Another burial option at a cemetery is an urn garden, which is a space at a cemetery where people can bury the urns containing their loved one's ashes.


What is the difference between internment and funeral?

The major difference between Interment and funeral is that an Interment is a ceremonial act of placing a deceased person on the ground while the funeral is a service for a deceased. interment or most commonly known as burial is the ceremonial act of placing a deceased person or animal within the grave, often with objects.


Private Property

If you wish, you can bury a cremation urn on your own property, and your loved ones can do so as well. If you each get your own urns, you can divide the ashes among the urns and then bury your respective urns on your own properties. As per urns, you can get options that are made from solid materials or go for something like a biodegradable urn that is more eco-friendly. The choice is yours.


Can you have a burial after cremation?

Interment of ashes is when the cremated remains are buried in the ground or placed in a building specifically designed to hold ashes, known as a columbarium. This is one of the options if you prefer not to scatter them or display them in your home. Normally, ashes will be in an urn when they're buried.



A columbarium is a structure or building made to keep cremation urns. The walls have shelves or niches inside them. If you place the urn in a columbarium, you'll be able to visit the site whenever you want. So it is, in this sense, like burying a casket in a grave since the possibility to visit the site will exist.


What is the difference between a mausoleum and a columbarium?

The main difference between a mausoleum and a columbarium is their structure and how the deceased is interred. A mausoleum is typically used as the final resting place of an individual, such as royalty or another important person. A columbarium is used for cremated remains in which there are many niches that hold urns.


Scatter the Ashes

Another option is to scatter the ashes of your deceased loved one. In fact, you can get scattering urns to help with this process. When it comes to scattering, you can scatter on the land, you can scatter on the water, or you can scatter in the air. You can discuss the matter with your loved ones to see what works for your family. The good news is that you really don’t have to limit yourself to one scattering option. You can do multiple if you wish. If you do wish to scatter ashes in the ocean, however, you need to launch your boat out from the coast at least three nautical miles. You can either scatter the cremated remains or place a biodegradable urn containing the cremated remains in the ocean.


Can human ashes be scattered anywhere?

No. You can scatter the ashes on your own property or in an area where you can permission to do so. However, if you decide to scatter anywhere else without permission, the law may get involved. You must get permission from the landowner to spread the cremains on private properties.


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