Is an Open Casket a Good Choice?

Deciding on the kind of services you want for a loved one who has died is not an easy thing but it is important to consider an option like having an open casket. An open casket is something that can offer lots of benefits and it might be important for your family and for everyone who attends the service. If this is something that you are considering but are not sure if it is the best option, directors of funeral homes in Blue Ash, OH want you to know a few things.


One thing you want to remember is that an open casket can offer is closure. Many times, people who are going through the loss of a loved one can logically understand that their loved one is gone but they might still expert to hear their loved one’s voice or see them walk into the room. This is completely normal but it can make the process of grieving and getting closure much more difficult. When you see your loved one at rest, it can help you get that closure and really understand what has happened.


Another thing that an open casket can offer is the chance to say goodbye to your loved one. Most people do not get the chance to do this, especially if their loved one died unexpectedly. This is something that can be incredibly stressful and may make it much more difficult to come to terms with the loss. When you have an open casket, you are making it easier to say goodbye. You can let your loved one know what you wanted them to know and you can let other people get that chance, as well.


An open casket also offers comfort. If your loved one went through a long illness or died in pain, you likely have a final image of them suffering which you do not want to have. By seeing your loved one at peace, you can substitute that image with another one. The funeral director will work hard to have your loved one looking their best and very peaceful. All of that is crucial for the process of mourning their passing.


All of these benefits are crucial when you want to mourn correctly and then heal from the loss in an appropriate manner. You want to remember than an open casket is something that can offer comfort and that can make it possible to get the closure you need after the death. You can also say goodbye to the person in a way that help with coming to terms with the death. To learn more about all of this, you can reach out to a Blue Ash, OH funeral home like us at Strawser Funeral Home & Cremation Service. Our team is ready to help you with the exact arrangements you want to make for a loved one. You can give us a call right now or you can visit us today at one of our locations to speak with an expert.

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