Is Embalming Necessary for Cremation

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You're probably already familiar with the embalming procedure. It can be found in books, movies, and, of course, the internet, but what is its purpose? Is it required? The cremation services in Blue Ash, OH will explain what embalming is and how it works.

What Exactly Is Embalming

Embalming is a technique that slows the decomposition of the body after death. It is typically required when there will be a period between the time of death and the time of cremation. It may also be required if the body will be viewed at a wake, funeral, or another service where people will be observing the body. In that case, embalming is required before applying cosmetics such as makeup.

When a loved one passes away, some friends and family members may wish to see them in their natural state, as they appeared before death. This can help them through their grieving process. Because of what we see on television and in movies, it's easy to believe that this is a simple process. Nonetheless, this is a complicated procedure.

Why Are People Embalmed

People choose whether or not to embalm for a variety of reasons. A few examples are provided below.

Delay in time

As previously stated, there may be a time lag between when a person dies and when they are cremated. In those cases, embalming the body is required to slow decomposition. The individual may have died while away from home, and the body must be returned. Some states require embalming within a certain period after death, usually a week. A funeral home or the local authorities can help you with this.


If an open casket service is planned, embalming is usually recommended. It is necessary to perform the necessary cosmetic applications that make the loved one appear lifelike and natural.

Is It Necessary to Embalm a Body

Most of the time, the body does not need to be embalmed. For example, if direct cremation is planned, the body is taken directly to the crematorium and cremated. There is no funeral or memorial service with direct cremation. Family and friends are not permitted to view the body before cremation. It is common practice for the body to be cremated before any memorial service. Instead of the body, the ashes are present at the memorial.

We don't give much thought to whether or not to embalm during our lifetime. However, we need to know the specifics when the time comes to arrange for a loved one's cremation. The cremation services in Blue Ash, OH hope to be of assistance in this regard. If the family wishes to hold a memorial service, the decision on whether to embalm can be made. However, the sole reason could be to provide comfort and closure to family and friends who are grieving. Sometimes the mind is unable to accept death. As a result, seeing the body allows them to accept that their loved one has died and to say their final farewell. Come see us or contact us right away.

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