Mourning the Loss of a Pet

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One factor that can make grieving for the loss of a pet difficult is that pet loss is not universally accepted. Some people believe that pet loss should not be as painful as human loss, or that it is inappropriate to grieve for an animal. They may not comprehend because they do not own a pet or are unable to appreciate the companionship and love that a pet can provide. The cremation services in Norwood, OH are here to help you through this difficult time.

Assisting Children in Their Grief Over the Death of a Pet

Your child's first experience with death may be the loss of a pet. Some parents believe that they should try to protect their children from the sadness of losing a pet by either not discussing the pet's death or being dishonest about what happened. For example, pretending the animal ran away or went to sleep can leave a child feeling even more confused, frightened, and betrayed when the truth is revealed. Just be honest with children and allow them to grieve in their way.

Tips for Seniors Who Have Lost a Pet

We face an increasing number of major life changes as we age, including the loss of beloved friends, family members, and pets. The death of a pet can be especially difficult for retired seniors, who may be able to draw comfort from close family members or distract themselves with work routines. If you're an elderly person living alone, your pet was most likely your only companion, and caring for the animal gave you a sense of purpose and self-worth.

Exercise can help you feel more alive.

Pets help many elderly people stay active and playful, which can help your immune system and give you more energy. It's critical to maintain your level of activity after losing a pet. Before beginning an exercise program, consult with your doctor and find an activity you enjoy. Exercising in a group, whether through a sport like a tennis, golf, or an exercise or swimming class, can also help you connect with others.

Maintain contact with friends.

Pets, particularly dogs, can help seniors meet new people or maintain regular contact with friends and neighbors while out for a walk or at the dog park. After losing your pet, it's critical that you don't spend every day alone. Spend at least one hour a day with at least one person. Regular face-to-face contact can help you avoid depression and stay positive. Invite an old friend or neighbor to lunch, or join a club.

Attempt to find new meaning and joy in your life.

Previously, caring for a pet occupied your time and boosted your morale and optimism. Fill that time by volunteering, resuming a long-neglected hobby, enrolling in a class, assisting friends, rescue groups, or homeless shelters with their animals, or even getting another pet when the time is right.


When a beloved dog, cat, or other pet dies, it's natural to be devastated by grief and sadness. For more information on how cremation services in Norwood, OH can help you cope, please visit us now or call us to schedule an appointment.

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