Online After-Life Planning

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After-life planning in the modern era often entails more than just writing a will. Passwords must be collected, letters must be written, and data must be saved. Fortunately, there are several tools and organizations available to assist you with the process. Please investigate the cremation services in Madeira, OH for more information.


Online After-Life Planning Approach

Life moves quickly in today's world. We rarely have enough time to invest in what is truly important, our loved ones, family, and friends, because we are so preoccupied with everyday problems. There are always so many unspoken words, misunderstandings, and quarrels that go unresolved, emotions that go unspoken, thoughts that go unshared, and messages that go uncommunicated. When the time comes for us to leave this world, these are the only things that make a difference and that matter. Your chosen funeral home assists you in ensuring that all of these emotions, in the form most appropriate for your specific needs and preferences, find their way to the hearts and minds of those left behind. It has been accomplished through a specially designed service and simple web and mobile applications for creating and delivering personal letters after you have left.


Your chosen funeral home must envision its members being able to send their words and emotions to family and friends even after they are no longer able to do so. It is much more than just a convenient way to send messages after you've died. It's your digital time capsule. Make a statement, express your thoughts, emotions, accomplishments, and anything else you want people to hear. Choose a message theme with beautiful, elegant backgrounds, colors, and fonts to emphasize it. Add multimedia, documents, and other content to each letter to give it a completely new dimension. Its simplicity of the concept, combined with technically perfected applications, infrastructure, and background services, makes it one of the best tools for after-life planning.


An online after-life planning is an interactive service option that allows you to write beautiful personal letters that will be delivered after a set period or when you die. It operates in cycles of varying lengths of time. When a cycle is finished, you will be notified several times to postpone the delivery through a simple one-click action and to begin a new cycle. If you choose not to extend the delivery time, or if you are unable to do so for any reason, each of your letters will be delivered to its respective recipients. Every letter can be addressed to one or more people, the number of messages is unlimited, and you can attach various content and files to each message. Because we live in a mobile and connected world, free iPhone, android, and windows phone mobile applications are available to help you access the notifications, settings, and status at any time and from any location. Modern funeral homes are also developing applications for tablet devices so that their members can create letters in the most convenient way possible.


We tend to believe that there is always enough time, and we purposefully postpone decisions and actions that are, in fact, more important than anything else in our lives. Don't forget that the only true legacy you leave behind is in the hearts and minds of those who will remember you. Make sure your feelings for them are well understood, and that the image they will remember is who you truly are. The cremation services in Madeira, OH can help you with your final arrangements. Please contact us or come see us right away.

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