People You Did Not Know Were Part of a Funeral

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The funeral director, organist, minister, and front-door greeter are the people we associate with the word funeral and who, without a doubt, play an important role in planning and orchestrating end-of-life services. Many people are unaware that other important people play a role in making a funeral possible. Allow the funeral homes in Madeira, OH to introduce you to three of these dedicated, hardworking people.

The Administrative Officer

The duties of a funeral home administrator go far beyond typical clerical duties. This multifaceted employee regularly wears the hats of a funeral director, insurance agent, and counselor in addition to invoicing, paying bills, and filing paperwork.


Administrators are frequently called upon to assist funeral directors in preparing paperwork for arrangement conferences, calling ministers and churches, and writing obituaries. If there is a staff shortage, don't be surprised if an administrative team member is carrying flowers or setting up chairs for a service.


The administrative staff helps families through difficult times by contacting insurance providers to coordinate funeral payments. This relieves bereaved families of their burden and allows them to focus on the road to recovery.

The Cemetery Worker

Most people are aware that a gravedigger is required to prepare burial sites for a loved one's casket and burial vault, but many are unaware of the full scope of the job. Gravediggers, also known as groundskeepers, are in charge of caring for and maintaining the cemetery grounds. This entails a significant amount of time spent mowing and beautifying the greenspace. They also maintain landscaping and ensure that buildings and amenities are clean and in good repair.


At graveside committal services, the fruits of a gravedigger's labor are on display for all to see. Funeral processions are welcomed at the cemetery's well-kept entrance. The lawn and grave markers surrounding the burial space have been given special attention. The gravedigger can be found fulfilling the time-sensitive requirements of the job whether it's negative 20 degrees or 120 degrees, snowing, or raining.

The Graphic Artist

The graphic designer at a funeral home creates all printed materials for services and post-funeral follow-up. Memorial folders or programs, register books, prayer cards, laminated obituaries, and thank you cards are examples of personalized items. After services, most families keep these priceless keepsakes.


The graphic designer also creates the memorial video, which is composed of 50 to 100 photographs and, in some cases, live video. This tribute has been set to music and will be played during services. Memorial videos add to the personalization of service, allowing guests to feel a special connection to the deceased.


Families are frequently left feeling a little empty inside after funeral services. They can't talk to, hug, or squeeze their loved one's hand anymore. The printed materials and memorial videos can assist in filling their hearts with fond memories of the deceased.


A funeral involves an entire village. This village is made up of very special, service-minded people who genuinely care about the well-being of others and understand how important it is to remember those who have died. Some of these people may not be in the spotlight, but the impact of their work can last a lifetime. If you happen to meet someone who performs any of the previously mentioned job functions, be sure to express your appreciation and let them know they are valued. Look into funeral homes in Madeira, OH for more information; our team is more than willing to discuss this further.

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