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When a loved one dies, whether it's a family member or a beloved pet, it can be difficult to put everything in place for post-mortem care. However, knowing your options ahead of time can help you cope when the time comes. While some people choose to bury their beloved pet, cremation is now preferred by the majority of pet owners because it allows them to honor their pet's transition. They can choose whether to keep their ashes, have them buried, or scatter them. If you consider having your pet cremated, you should look into cremation services in Madeira, OH.

The unknown of what happens after your loved one or pet dies is one of the aspects of death that most people find unsettling. Cremation is intimidating for many people because it is not something that is discussed regularly. Understanding the cremation process is one of the best ways to prepare for the loss of a pet.

There could be several cremation processes to choose from. The most common are:

Private cremation

This service allows your pet to be cremated in a private chamber on its own. This guarantees that the ashes you receive are only those of your pet.

Communal cremation

This cremation service is unique in that your pet will share a cremation chamber with other animals. This service is frequently chosen over private cremations because it is less expensive; however, the remains you receive may include some from the other pets in the chamber.

Witness cremation

This service allows pet owners to observe the procedure from a designated viewing room. Some people choose this option to help them grieve because they can see that their beloved pet is being properly respected.

Each cremation process has advantages and disadvantages, and you should consult with the crematorium and your loved ones to determine which option is best for you.

After deciding on the cremation service that's right for you and your pet, the cremation process itself starts. When your pet arrives at the crematorium and it is time for their service, they will be placed in the cremation chamber.

Once sealed, the temperature in the chamber is raised to between 1,400- and 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit for an average of one to two hours (depending on the size of the pet or the number of pets cremated). The extreme heat vaporizes the organic matter, reducing your pet's remains to ashes.

After the procedure is completed, your pet's ashes are allowed to cool before being placed in the container of your choice.

If the remains are returned to you, it is up to you to decide what to do with them once they are in your possession. Many pet owners choose to keep their pet's urn on display so that they can remain a constant part of their lives, whereas others choose to bury or scatter their pet's ashes to help them on their journey to the afterlife.

If you are still unsure about the options you want regarding cremation services in Madeira, OH, contact our team to learn more about what we can offer. We are prepared to assist you with all of the decisions you must make following the death of a loved one. You can call us right now or come in and see us.

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