Possible Interment Sites for Ashes

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Cremated remains are buried in the ground or placed in a columbarium after being interred. A columbarium is a structure designed specifically to house ashes. Interment is ideal for those who do not want their ashes scattered or displayed at home. Check out cremation services in Reading, OH to learn everything there is to know about the interment of ashes’ possible locations.

What Are the Proper Locations for Ashes Interment

Choosing the proper final resting place for your loved one's ashes can be a difficult decision. Consider which areas were important to your loved one and could be considered an ideal final resting place. The location could be where they lived, raised their children, or were born. You should make an effort to honor their wishes for their final resting place.

The following are some viable options.

Personal property

It is perfectly legal to bury an urn on your property if you own it. However, if you decide to sell, you must either dig up the urn and bring it with you or disclose the presence of human remains to the buyers. If you want to bury ashes on another person's private property, always get written permission before proceeding with the interment.

Public domain

When interring ashes on public property, such as a national park, written permission from the party responsible for the public area may be required. A permit, however, may be required and must be presented at the time of burial. 


As long as you use the proper urn type, you can bury ashes in a cemetery like a casket. Because urns are much smaller than caskets, a single burial plot can hold several urns. It is critical to check with the cemetery before burying multiple urns in a plot. Cemeteries may have rules that must be followed. When interring ashes in a cemetery, for example, the family is likely to include a standard headstone, just as when burying a casket.


A columbarium is a structure that is typically found on the grounds of a cemetery and is specifically designed for the interment of ashes. It is similar to a mausoleum, but instead of caskets, it holds cremated remains. Columbaria can hold multiple people and even entire families. Each urn is assigned its own space, known as a niche. These niches occasionally display urns and have custom engravings.

Garden of urns

Some cemeteries will have a specialized space reserved for urns known as an urn garden. When compared to standard burial plots, these are much smaller, but the cemetery may have special rules regarding headstones and grave markers.

Looking for help with interring a loved one's ashes? Trust the cremation services in Reading, OH. Through our cremation services and relationships with local cemeteries, we've helped individuals who have lost a close friend or family member move the process along smoothly. For more information, please contact us online, call us today, or come to our office. We are always available to help you and your family, whether you have an immediate need or want to plan cremation services ahead of time.

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