Reasons Cremation Services are More Popular Lately

The loss of a loved one can leave you staggering with grief and things can be even more complicated if you are the person who has to make the funerary arrangements. If they did not leave their wishes in writing, it can feel almost impossible to know what to choose for them. An option that you want to consider and which has gotten more popular lately is cremation. Cremation services have a wide variety of benefits that you want to consider. Here are the ones that providers of cremation services in Blue Ash, OH want you to remember.


The first thing that you want to remember is that cremation can offer the kind of affordable rates that you may need. This can be something crucial for lots of people and it is something that you want to remember fi you have a limited budget. Cremation does not require you to pay for embalming fees, to pay for the purchase of a cemetery plot or a casket, or even for an urn if you do not want to. Direct cremation is the option that is most affordable and that may be what you want to turn to.


Another reason cremation services have become more popular is that they can also offer green options. If your loved one was someone who was worried about the planet and did not want to have a negative impact on it, it can be a great idea to turn to cremations. With cremation, you do not have to worry about chemicals or metal parts in caskets making it into the ground. You can decide to have a bio cremation, too, which is done with water and not with heat. This will release less carbon into the air.


Cremation services also offer flexibility. When you give a loved one a burial, you have to rush to make arrangements for the funeral or memorial service. That is not the case with cremations. You can have the cremation done and then start planning the service. This allows you to take your time and not to have to worry about rushing. Cremation can also make it easier for you to have the service wherever you prefer. You only have to worry about transporting the urn, so you have more options available to you.

 cremation services in Blue Ash, OH

When deciding on the kind of funerary services you want for a loved one, it is important to consider cremation. Cremation can allow you to get the exact kind of options that you want and it can also ensure that you get affordable rates. If you are still not certain about the options that you want, you can reach out to a Blue Ash, OH cremation service provider like us at Strawser Funeral Home & Cremation Service to learn more about what we can offer. We are ready to help you with all of the decisions you need to make after the death of a loved one. You can give us a call right now or you can visit us today.

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