Reasons to Request a Death Certificate

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A death certificate is necessary for several personal, statistical, and legal reasons. When a loved one dies, obtaining a death certificate is an important part of the estate settlement process. Different agencies will require certified death certificates in the days and weeks following a loss. If you request it, funeral homes in Blue Ash, OH can order death certificates on your behalf.


In some cases, a certified copy of the death certificate without a cause of death may be required. These certificates are required to transfer the title to a house, mobile home, or automobile, as well as for court procedures in some instances. When ordering the certified copies, make this request.

Personal Reasons

While many agencies require a death certificate for legal purposes, there are also personal reasons to obtain one. One of the most important aspects of obtaining a death certificate is providing closure and peace of mind to the family. The death certificate provides the family with a document that lists the official cause of death and aids in the family's acceptance of the loss. Not only that, but it makes the legal proceedings that follow a death easier and, as a result, less stressful.

Legal Considerations

A death certificate will be required if you are applying for insurance benefits, settling pension claims, or transferring property. It is a legal document that specifies the cause of death and the final disposition of the deceased. If a death certificate is required in a legal proceeding, it serves as evidence and proof of death.

Statistical Reasons

Death certificates are an essential component of state and national statistics. It is used to set public health goals in addition to measuring the health status of regions at the local, state, national, and international levels. A large portion of medical research grants is used to determine which medical conditions are funded.

How to Obtain a Death Certificate

A certified copy of the death certificate is frequently required before you can settle an estate or any other business or legal matter. Many agencies will only accept certified death certificates rather than photocopies. We recommend ordering multiple copies because you may need more than you think. Certified copies of the death certificate can be obtained from your funeral director or the local Register of vital statistics.

Who Is Eligible to Obtain a Death Certificate

Death certificates are considered public domain documents in some states and can be obtained by anyone, regardless of the requester's relationship to the deceased. In other states, only the deceased's legal representative, spouse, parent, child, or sibling may obtain a certified copy of the death certificate.


When applying to these cases, proof of relationship to the decedent is required. Siblings must typically provide a copy of their birth certificate demonstrating their parental relationship to the decedent.


Legal representatives must provide documentation demonstrating that the death certificate is required for determining property rights. When requesting copies, legal representatives are usually required to include a letter stating whom they represent and how they are related to the person named on the record.


Please contact the funeral homes in Blue Ash, OH for more information about death certificates or to obtain a copy; a member of our staff would be eager to help you.

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