Tips for Planning Safe Funeral Service During COVID-19

We’re living in strange times with the COVID-19 pandemic still making things more difficult. Prior to the pandemic, it was possible to arrange a large funeral service with help from the funeral director at a funeral home in Blue Ash, OH. But social distancing mandates mean that group sizes for funeral services, graveside services, or other related events have been capped.


While this is the case, you can still plan a safe funeral service to honor a loved one. Read on to find some recommendations – and be sure to talk to the funeral director at a reputable service provider.


Keep it Small

Whether you want to hold an indoor service or an outdoor service, you’ll have to keep the group size small. The funeral director will be able to give you the details as to how many people you can accommodate. While you won’t be able to accommodate as many people as you would like, you can still bring together a small group of close family members. This will allow you to honor the memory of someone who had been such a big part of your life.



Have you considered the possibility of livestreaming or webcasting the funeral service? Because of the pandemic and the resulting work-from-home orders, the use of various video or web conferencing technologies has skyrocketed. The good news is you can use such technology to allow family and friends to take part in the funeral service virtually. It’s not the same thing as being there in person, but it’s a useful alternative nonetheless.


Postpone Memorial

Because group sizes should stay small, you might want to postpone the memorial service or the celebration of life service. Based on the circumstances we find ourselves in due to COVID-19, you probably won’t get too many complaints. Once things get back to normal, you can arrange to have a big service where family and people who knew the deceased can honor their memory.


Social Media Page

Chances are you have one or more social media accounts. One option you can pursue to honor a deceased loved one in a safe way during COVID-19 is to create a memorial page. You can upload photos of the deceased, allow those who knew the deceased to post comments, and basically permit people to stay in touch. Since you’ll want the memorial page to be available only to family and friends, ensure you select the privacy settings appropriately.


If you want to find a funeral home serving Blue Ash, OH families, we’re here to assist. Our funeral directors will help you celebrate your loved one’s life by planning a meaningful funeral service or cremation service. We have experience arranging final services that will honor your loved one no matter your personal preference, budget, culture, or religion. For the professional and courteous help you need, give us a call or stop by our office. We’re here to help.

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