Understanding the Facts About Cremation

In today’s day and age, questions about cremation persist. Many still don’t understand exactly how it works and may wonder whether or not it is right for them. Given the importance of decisions that may surround a cremation, it is important to become more familiar with the process itself and what it entails. Put simply, cremation shouldn’t remain a mystery. If you or someone you know are looking into cremations in Blue Ash, OH, you should remember that there are professionals in your area who can provide you additional information about the subject. If you reach out to those in the know, chances are you will feel far more comfortable with the concept of cremation and may very well be more willing to consider it. In the meantime, you may wish to perform some initial research and better understand what goes into cremation and how it works.


Cremations generally require the same kind of paperwork that would be needed for a traditional burial. You will likely need to work directly with a funeral home or crematory, and they will ask you to provide some information (things like a death certificate and other basic information about the deceased). That’s the first step, and it is simple enough. Most funeral directors are prepared to help you make arrangements and even assure that the body is properly transported. This can be extremely helpful during your time of need. A family can only handle so much, particularly as it faces its own grief and healing.


When the body arrives to the site where it will be cremated, it is typically cleaned and prepared. That may entail removing certain kinds of metals from the body, sometimes things like jewelry or medical devices. This is essential to assuring that no metals interfere with the cremation process itself. Once the body of the deceased has been prepared, it is then placed in a temporary container. That container is only temporary because it will be reduced to ashes when cremation takes place. Therefore, that container must also be combustible.


The cremation process itself is generally managed by computer and overseen by qualified technicians. Greats lengths are taken to assure that there are no mix-ups and no confusion. For example, once the body has been identified, a marker generally remains with the body throughout the process. Cremation itself is quite straightforward. The body is subject to extremely high heat and reduced to ashes and a few fragments that are subsequently broken up into much smaller pieces. The process itself usually only lasts for several hours. Once the deceased has been cremated, remains a placed in a special bag and then transferred to a container that has been previously chosen by family. Again, there is no great mystery, here. Cremation is a finely-tuned science and works quite effectively for a great many families.


If you are interested in cremations, consider reaching out to Strawser Funeral Home & Cremation Service. We look forward to addressing any questions or concerns you may have, while doing so in a caring fashion. You can place a phone call to (513) 791-7203.

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