What Happens After Cremation?

When considering the possibility of cremation, many families naturally think about what happens after the process itself. In other words, what should one ultimately do with those cremated remains? It is an important question with lasting implications. You should certainly feel free to obtain more information about your available options. If you or someone you know is looking into cremations in Loveland, OH, remember that there are professionals in your area who are prepared to discuss your options. Those options are truly one of the advantages associated with cremation itself. There are a range of possibilities, and those possibilities make it all the more likely you’ll discover something that appropriately acknowledges the life of the deceased. That’s really the important thing. Whatever one does with cremated remains, it should fit the personality and preferences of the deceased. He or she may have even left written instructions that provide vital guidance when it comes to this question.


So where to begin? When a cremation is complete, the cremated remains are generally then transferred to surviving family. They will likely be placed in some kind of container that has been previously agreed upon. That container may be something more permanent (like an urn), or it may be something that is more temporary in the event you plan on doing something else with the remains.


There are certainly very traditional options whereby the remains may be buried or interred at a site of your choosing. In addition to feeling like a particularly dignified option, this makes it possible for others to visit the location in the future when they wish to pay their respects. In other words, a common location has its benefits. They may also opt for a very simple plan: Keeping the cremated remains in an urn located in something like a home that belongs to family. It may not be as accessible for others, but many find some comfort in the idea that their remains won’t go too far. Keeping them with family is a very common outcome. But the most common and dignified solutions are often in the eye of the beholder, and many families are looking for something less traditional.


If you’re thinking about getting creative, rest assured that there are options for you, too. Many families like the idea of scattering cremated remains so that the deceased can in effect return to the Earth and forever enjoy a location that was meaningful them. These kinds of ceremonies can also be very symbolic, speaking volumes about the life that was lived and the extent to which it will be missed. Some also look to turn cremated remains into special items like jewelry or tattoos. It may be a particularly personal gesture for some, and it certainly makes the most sense in some cases. There is nothing wrong with trying something a bit different.


If you are interested in cremations, consider reaching out to Strawser Funeral Home & Cremation Service. We take great pride in working with you and your family to find the options that make the most sense. You can place a phone call to (513) 791-7203.

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