What You Need to Know About Pet Cremations

Unless you are a pet owner, you probably won’t understand a person’s devotion to their cat, dog, or any other animal. These pets become members of the family. And, so, when they eventually pass away, it will hit the entire family really hard. What you might not know is that some funeral homes serving Norwood, OH actually offer pet cremation services. 


Here are a few things you need to know about pet cremations. You’ll find that the process for cremating pets is similar to the process for cremating people. 


Deceased Pet Incinerated 

During the cremation process for a pet, the deceased animal is placed into a cremation chamber. The high heat generated inside of the cremation chamber will incinerate the body. You can ask staff at the funeral home about how long the process will take. The answer will depend, in part, on the size of the deceased animal in question. 


Cremated Remains Inspected 

After the deceased animal is incinerated in the cremation chamber, staff at the funeral home will go through the remains to remove any objects found within the cremated remains, such as metal objects.  


Pulverization of Bone Fragments 

The incineration process does not break down everything. There will still be bone fragments and teeth, for instance. What the funeral home staff will do is pulverize these bone fragments and teeth so that what remains are ashes that resemble greyish gravel. 


Cremated Remains Placed in Urn 

After the entire process is completed, the staff at the funeral home will give you the ashes of your cremated pet in an urn or in some alternative container. You can ask staff at the funeral home about your options as per receptacles you can put the ashes in. Some families like to have a nice urn that they can display in their homes. This helps them to memorialize their pet in a special way that ultimately brings comfort. 


Providing death care to all your family is important to us because we know the most important family in the world is your own. We understand that family pets become part of the family and they truly love you more than you love them, you are all they know. Our funeral directors all have family pets and will be able to empathize with you in your loss. Believe us – we get it.  


We’re the only Norwood, OH funeral home you need in your corner when you lose a beloved petJust as we would advise anyone to call us 24/7 when a death occurs, we also extend the same advice to those when a pet dies. If your pet dies at a veterinarian’s office, get in touch with us. Some vets deal with pet crematory's that pick-up once a week meaning your pet will be put with others until the weekly pick-up occurs. But we do things differently. We care for your pet as we do any of your family members when entrusted to serve you when death occurs. For the help you need give us a call.

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