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Funeral planning can get overwhelming, but you’re not alone. Strawser Funeral Home & Cremation Service is here to support you and help you through your grief journey while honoring your loved one. To help you get started, below is some helpful information. But please feel free to contact us with any questions. We are dedicated to providing personalized, professional, and compassionate services to your family. Our knowledgeable staff are passionate about providing families guidance and support during the funeral planning process and well after the funeral. Together, we can honor your loved one’s life while beginning your grief journey.

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When you are ready to embark on the process of planning a funeral, it is essential to select a reputable provider for funeral and cremation in Loveland, OH. Choosing an experienced funeral director provides the foundation you need to create an event that will honor the memory of your loved one. Families have one opportunity to highlight the life experiences of the deceased. Choosing a good funeral home ensures that you maximize this even by incorporating the traditions and cultural influences to match the needs of your family.


At Strawser Funeral Home & Cremation Service, we are committed to maintaining the highest levels of service for families from all backgrounds. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a simple cremation or a full, traditional funeral service. Our goal is to provide ultimate respect and undivided attention through every stage of planning this event.


We understand the challenging circumstances your family is facing during this time. Our funeral home offers a peaceful, healing environment where you can invite loved ones to meet. This event is designed to help attendees find closure in their grief. Our team works hard behind the scenes to meet the unique needs of every family we meet.


Do You Have Questions About Funeral and Cremation in Loveland, OH?


As you are facing a long list of decisions for funeral services, it is natural for questions to come up. How do you want to lay your loved one to rest? The most important thing you can do is learn about available services to select the details that best suit the needs of your family.


Through this process, we not only offer options for the event – but our team is always looking for ways to guide your decisions. We listen closely to your requests and answer questions along the way. The goal is to educate you about the industry. Then, you will be ready to choose the funeral services that fit the needs of your loved ones.


Don’t be shy to ask questions as they arise about funeral planning. As you are considering funeral, cremation, and memorial solutions, you need to know how the choices will impact the overall outcome of this event. We promise a supportive environment with the highest levels of respect for your preferences and family traditions.


If you have questions, then you are welcome to call us for more information about these services. Another option is to schedule a consultation with our team. This conversation is designed to help you find the information needed about the services that you are considering.


Available Services, Customized Your Way


What are you envisioning for the overall design and style of the event? Some families prefer the familiarity of traditional funerals, especially when generations of customs are shared in the family. A funeral can be personalized based on your unique requests. For example, we offer full-service care for cemetery consulting, green burial, monuments, grave markers, and more.


Additionally, our staff at Strawser Funeral Home & Cremation Service is here to assist with cremation. These crematory services can be combined with an event for loved ones such as a memorial or funeral if desired. As you learn more about our company, you will see that we offer a full range of cremation solutions including pet cremations as requested by the family.


As you are evaluating options for cremations and funerals, it is important that you have the services of experienced staff to assist. We can schedule a consultation to learn more about your family, with a promise that we always maintain the highest levels of respect for your needs and desires.


Budgeting for Funeral Services


The cost of funeral and cremation in Loveland, OH is a concern shared by many families in the area. As you are preparing for an upcoming event, it is important to consider your family’s financial needs as well. You want a beautiful service, but you also need to look at the pricing of the services.


One of the benefits of choosing Strawser Funeral Home & Cremation Service is that we provide financial guidance for all families. As you are talking to our team about afterlife planning, we offer transparency in pricing to guide your decisions about these services.


Additionally, we can assist with Medicaid paperwork to help you maximize available services. Other support comes through final expense planners who offer recommendations based on your budget and needs.


Trusted Team for Funeral Planning

Ultimately, the most important decision you will make for funeral and cremation in Loveland, OH is choosing a local funeral home. When you have the support of an experienced funeral director, then you can rest assured knowing that every detail of the event is included in the service. For more information, talk to our team at Strawser Funeral Home & Cremation Service. We are located at 9503 Kenwood Rd Blue Ash, OH 45242. Call if you have questions about available services: (513) 791-7203.


Funeral & Cremation FAQ’s

Who is entitled to military funeral?

The following are eligible for military funeral honors: members of the military who died while on active duty. Veterans who have served in an active military, naval or air service and have been discharged or released from that service by "honorable" or "subject to honorable conditions." Learn More.


Can you have a funeral for a pet?

Funeral homes and cemeteries are run by people who realize that losing a pet can be just as traumatic as losing a human family member. They provide funeral and cremation services and for a fee, provide caskets, urns and grave markers specifically made for pets. Learn More.


What is the advantage of preplanning a funeral?

Planning would allow you to make financial arrangements to cover your funeral costs. Funeral insurance and funeral trusts are sound financial planning solutions that you should consider ahead of time. You want your family to benefit from a meaningful funeral. A funeral is a very significant experience for a mourning family. Learn More.

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