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funeral home and cremation reading, OHIn 1931 Blair "Doc" and Janet Strawser started the funeral home at our location on Kenwood Road. Staley Funeral Home was established in 1948 by Quentin K. Staley and Grace Staley. We provide all funeral and cremation services for the loss of your loved one. We specialize in funeral service, cremation, green burial and pet death care. We also offer cemetery property and burial merchandise. It is our wish to make the transition as easy as possible by providing excellent service and attention to detail. Please contact us with any questions you may have. We strive to make our funeral home feel like a second home to our families. Our facility has the features to give your family the best services possible, and we hope that it brings you comfort during your time of need.

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When you need to begin funeral and cremation planning in Reading, OH, you need a provider who is available in a moment’s notice. Funeral arrangements can be unexpected and stressful if you don’t have the support of an experienced team. Whether you know that a funeral will be happening soon, or a loved one recently passed away, we encourage you to contact our staff right away.


At Strawser Funeral Home & Cremation Service, we are committed to providing quality services for individuals from all backgrounds. Our staff is trained and experienced with a variety of funeral services. As a result, you can feel confident in knowing that your event will turn out as needed for your family. When you choose our team, we work hard to give you quality results and caring services through all stages of funeral planning.


The Timing of Funeral and Cremation Planning in Reading, OH


Funeral planning usually happens based on one of these timelines:


  • Immediate Care: When someone passes away and the death was unexpected, then immediate support is needed. The family calls a funeral home for the first time and begins the process of designing funeral services right away. At Strawser Funeral Home & Cremation Service, we understand the stress and pain you are experiencing at this moment. Our staff is always on call to ensure that you have support and guidance from a knowledgeable team. We offer a personalized approach and streamlined process to assist with last-minute funeral planning.
  • Upcoming Funeral: Another example of when families contact a funeral home is because they know that a funeral will be planned soon. For example, if a family member is sick and nearing the end, then families can reach out to our team to discuss options for upcoming services. This preplanning gives you a head start so you don’t have to face the most difficult decisions after the loved one passes away. Additionally, the person might be able to offer their input depending on their health.
  • Preplanning: The best way to be prepared for anything that might happen in the future is to talk to us about preplanning solutions. With funeral preplanning, you can coordinate the details of the event at any point. Even if you have great health and you don’t anticipate funeral services immediately, it can bring peace of mind to finalize these details as soon as possible. Preplanning means that you will leave your loved ones with specific directions for funeral services after you are gone.


Our team is here to offer care and compassion when it is time for funeral planning. Whether you have time to consider the details or you need immediate support, we promise unwavering respect for your family.


Funeral Services to Consider


What are the specific details that you should include in your funeral plan? Not only do you need to honor family traditions and culture, but you should also consider the needs of attendees. Here are some of the options your family might consider for funeral and cremation in Reading, OH:


  • Event Planning: Creating an event is a chance to meet together with loved ones. Traditional funerals or modern memorials give people a place to share memories, find closure, and say goodbye. Our team specializes in event planning for groups of all sizes – including large funerals and small family meetings.
  • Burial: Do you want to place your loved one in a nearby cemetery? Our full-service approach for burial includes everything from cemetery consulting to the coordination of graveside services. Your family can choose from personalized solutions for monuments and grave markers, as well as green burial if desired.
  • Cremation: Another option is to prepare for disposition through cremation services. Cremation is often combined with an event, such as a memorial ceremony or funeral. Choosing cremation is a good solution if you prefer to avoid cemetery placement after someone passes away. Our staff can also assist with pet cremations.
  • Financial Guidance: It is essential to consider your budget for these services. Many families don’t want to limit the funeral arrangement based on budget alone. But you need to know about the cost of selected services to ensure that you have a clear idea about the amount that will be due. Our final expense planners offer personalized care with your budget in mind. Additionally, we provide full support for Medicaid paperwork and billing, helping your family maximize the available funding for this event.
  • Administrative Support: A variety of administrative details need to be addressed when someone passes away. We offer ongoing care for your family, including everything from afterlife planning to death certificate coordination.


Consultation for Funeral Planning


If you need help with planning funeral services, then our team is here to help. We offer everything required for quality funeral and cremation in Reading, OH. For information, visit

Strawser Funeral Home & Cremation Service at 9503 Kenwood Rd Blue Ash, OH 45242. Call to schedule a consultation: (513) 791-7203.



Funeral & Cremation FAQ’s

How does a funeral help in the grieving process?

  • Funerals encourage grieving individuals to say their final farewells and to commit to family members. People exchange stories, weep, console one another, give support, etc. This community mourning process is an essential step toward healing. It ensures that individuals do not feel alone in their suffering. Learn More.


How do you preplan funeral?

  • Take care of your family, please. Make sure you've got an up to date will.
  • Consider the Bank Account Payable-on-Death (POD).
  • Decide what to do with what's left.
  • Consider the Remembrance Plans pre-payment.
  • Learn More.


How do you make a funeral special?

  • Give out the seed cards.
  • Reuse the funeral flowers.
  • Send the books free.
  • Choose your customized casket.
  • Just think of a glass keepsake.
  • Personalize your order of operation.
  • Organize a show of fireworks.
  • Build a memory card.
  • Learn More.

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