Comforting a Child Grieving a Friend

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For a child, losing a friend is something that is very difficult to process. They may not understand what death is and how to get past the grief that comes with it. If your child is going through a loss, you are likely not sure how to best help them, so it can be a good idea to know a few tips on how to offer the support they need. Here are the things that providers of cremation services in Blue Ash, OH want you to keep in mind.


It is essential you speak with your child about the loss. Sometimes, parents think that it is better to pretend there is nothing wrong, but that can actually make things more complicated. You need your child to understand what the process of grieving is and that can only happen if they acknowledge a death has occurred. They will look to you for prompting on this. If you take the time to acknowledge the death and to speak of it, they will follow your lead.


You want to allow your child to be sad. That is something difficult for many parents to do. Seeing your child crying or upset is always tough, but you want to avoid distracting your child from the grief. They need to experience the entire process of grieving and that means being sad. It can be essential that you allow them to feel what they need to feel as they grieve.


It is also important to give them the choice of attending the service of their loved ones if they want to. It can be very helpful for a child to attend the service, just as it can be very helpful for adults to do so. If your child does not want to go to the service, however, be sure that you do not force them to do so.


If you see that your child is really having a tough time with the loss and they are not getting past it, it can be a good idea to reach out to a grief counselor. There are grief counselors dedicated to working with children and that can let them offer your child the tools they need to start healing.


These are some important things to remember when your child goes through a loss. It is always going to be a difficult thing to do, since seeing your child struggling with grief can be harrowing, but it is important you allow your child to deal with the loss in its entirety. If you see that your child is having a tough time, you can also reach out to professional help. You can learn more about the process of grieving by reaching out to a Blue Ash, OH cremation services provider like us. We are here to help you make the right arrangements for your loved one and to offer options for dealing with loss. Give us a call right now or visit us today at one of our locations to learn more about our services.

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